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MATCHAandMORE recommends the following books about chanoyu/Japanese way of tea. Chanoyu is a spiritual practice based on integrating the principles of harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility into one's everyday life through the simple act of making and sharing a bowl of tea.

The Enjoyment of Tea
by Sen Genshitsu

Published in 2006, this book relates exeriences and thoughts of Hounsai, the 15th generation of the Urasenke Tradition of Tea who is now known as Sen Genshitsu. Includes memorable tea gatherings, the universal spirit of hospitality, and advice on how to approach one's practice of chanoyu. An appendix of Rikyu's One Hundred Verses is included. Paperbound.



Tea Life, Tea Mind Pic

Tea Life, Tea Mind
by Soshitsu Sen

Dr. Sen talks about growing up in the Urasenke family and gives an in depth discussion of the spiritual essence of Chado, the Japanese Way of Tea. A small book, but one where each reading gives the reader new and deeper insights into the understanding of Chado. Paperbound.


Chado Book Pic
by Soshitsu Sen

Gives a comprehensive introduction to the Japanese Way of Tea, covering history, tearooms, utensils, sweets, kaiseki cuisine, detail steps of a formal tea gathering, and basic steps for host and guest; many photographs. Hardbound.


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The Spirit of Tea
by Soshitsu Sen
Commentary by Naya Sotan
Translated by Paul Varley & Kurokawa Shozo

In this beautifully photographed book, the Grand Master of the Urasenke Tradition of Tea explains what the spirit of tea is and how it develops through the practice of tea. Paperbound.



What is Chanoyu?

This bilingual book, Japanese on the left and English on the right, gives a concise but thorough introduction to chanoyu along with many color photos. Beginning with what tea is and its context in the world to the culture of Tea in Japan, it explains the development and history of chanoyu, of making tea and having tea gatherings, the use and types of utensils, tea architecture and its environs.  A handy book to have when you're asked, "What is Chanoyu?". Paperbound.



A Chanoyu Vocabulary
Practical Terms for the Way of Tea

A must-have reference book for every chanoyu practitioner!  1650 entries with many drawings and illustrations explaining the meaning of chanoyu terms and names, each of which is also written in kanji/chinese characters.   It shows the lineage of the three Sen families, gives a brief outline of major events in chanoyu history, lists the historical periods for Japan, China and Korea, and gives illustrations of various utensils, indicating the various parts, and much, much more! Paperbound.


Chanoyu Book Pic

Chanoyu, The Urasenke Tradition
of Tea

edited by Soshitsu Sen

Gives a history and the legacy of the Urasenke tradition of Tea by the various grand masters, history of the Urasenke compound, and an explanation of a formal tea gathering; many photographs. Hardbound.


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The Grand Tea Master: A Biography of Hounsai Soshitsu Sen XV
by Herbert Plutschow

Discusses Tea history, philosophy, aesthetics, iemoto system, Urasenke legacy, Hounsai Oiemoto's life and his aesthetic taste, okonomi mono, with photos. Hardbound.


Chanoyu Book Pic

Tea Ceramics Artist Richard Milgrim, A Retrospective

Richard Milgrim, a most unique potter who has devoted his ceramic career to creating utensils for chanoyu/tea ceremony He is the only non-Japanese potter to have his work endorsed and signed by Hounsai Genshitsu Sen, 15th Urasenke Grand Master. Hundreds of gorgeous color photographs. Limited copies. $60.00


Urasenke Chado Textbook
Supervising editors Genshitsu Sen and Soshitsu Sen

2011 English translation of the Japanese textbook, Urasenke Chado, published in 2004. A comprehensive introduction to the Urasenke Japanese Way of Tea covering the significance of chado and its history, plus the setting and implements; significance of temae; information about flowers, sweets, craft families, lineage of the three Sen families, the study system, and chronology of chanoyu history. Many photos and drawings. An indispensable reference for chanoyu students of all levels, as well as for anyone interested in Japanese culture. Paperbound. Out of stock. Click here to purchase on Amazon">-


An Almanac of Urasenke Seasonal Sweets
Tomiko Sen, wife of Hounsai Daisosho, 15th generation Urasenke Grand Master

A very special book about the seasonal tea sweets served at the Urasenke tradition of Tea headquarters in Kyoto, Japan throughout the year. Tomiko Sen writes about the seasonal feelings expressed in the sweets and her personal recollections of the sweets, their season and her life at Urasenke. Many beautiful color photographs of moist and dry sweets. Out of stock. Click here to purchase on Amazon-