MATCHAandMORE is pleased to offer matcha/green powdered tea produced by Koyama-en and Shorai-en. The careful blending of different plant varieties grown on different types of soil is the key to the art of creating unique blends of matcha, whose quality remains consistent over time. The tea is shipped fresh directly from Japan and mailed to you; please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

MATCHAandMORE's tea is free from radiation. Each spring after the tea leaves are harvested, Koyama-en has their tencha leaves (the name of the prepared tea leaves for grinding into matcha) tested by QSAI Analysis and Research Center Co., Ltd. which is registered by the Ministry Health Labour and Welfare Japan. Use Contact Us to obtain a copy of the most recent test results.

MATCHAandMORE offers a selection of utensils for the study of chanoyu/The Japanese Way of Tea. Each item has been selected for its value and quality by Joyce Kubose, an instructor in chanoyu in the Chicago area.
MATCHAandMORE recommends books and places to study chanoyu. Chanoyu is a spiritual practice based on integrating the principles of harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility into one's everyday life through the simple act of making and sharing a bowl of tea.