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TSUBOKIRI (early October to mid-November) seasonal matcha

TSUBOKIRI (early October to mid-November) seasonal matcha

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AVAILABLE ONLY DURING THE LATE FALL (early October to mid-November) when tea jars were traditionally brought out of storage.  After the May harvest, tea leaves are stored and allowed to age, slowly bringing out the smooth and mature flavor of fine matcha.  Tsubokiri refers to the ceremony in which the chatsubo (tea jar) is opened and the tea leaves ground (kuchi-kiri chaji).  This festivity takes place in November, and is know as the "New Year's" of tea practitioners.  This special matcha is packed in a white and orange paper box which makes allusion to the color of the strings tied around the ceramic jar.  Prepare as regular matcha, suitable for koicha and usucha.

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